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Daily Ware - About Us

Who are we? Well we are Meera Metal Industries, A company whose foundation was laid on trust and simplicity in the year 1975. Since then the company is engaged in manufacturing of finest quality cookware.

Meera Metal has a dedicated group of Product distributors both nationally and internationally. Our huge manufacturing facility is strategically located in Mumbai.

Meera Metal has over 30 years of experience in the cookware industry. Our professional management staff is service and customer oriented. We offer the sophistication and responsiveness of our management staff which compliments our equally competent infrastructure. We are thoroughly experienced in servicing retailers in the mass-market trade and distributors as well as regional discount stores, premiums, food wholesalers, specialty store, supermarkets and variety.

We are high quality cookware manufacturers with a complete range of cookware products sold under our brand name "Dailyware". We fulfill and ship orders from full-container quantities to palletized and full-case quantities, chain store orders, assortments, foreign shipments and the like. We are at the forefront of the cookware manufacturers in terms of our product excellence and professionalism, full range of product line and the personalized manner in which we work.

The company is gifted with a well trained and experienced workforce to meet the demands of the Industry. A massive set up with state-of-the-art Processing & Manufacturing facility draws a perfect picture of quality and durability at Meera Metal Industries.