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Dailyware Cookware Products - Use & Care

Before you Cook

Wash your new pan - Rinse and dry.

Do not season your pan before using it. To enjoy optimum performance from your Dailyware, keep it scrupulously clean. Any kind of oily residue on your pan can cause foods to stick.

Cooking with Dailyware

Use a lower heat setting than you normally would. Dailyware heats and cools more quickly than other cookware because it's made of heavy-gauge aluminum. It's also important to use the right heat setting for the cooking method you're using (not too high or too low).

Experiment to find the right heat settings on your stove. No two stoves work alike. Determine where the settings work best for your stove. You may want to write them down for future reference. Dailyware offers good retention of heat and quick heating results in fuel saving.

Note : Do not chop or cut food in pan, never use it for storing food.


It's easy clean everyday with dailyware. Do not clean Dailyware in a dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents will damage the surface.

Hand wash your cookware thoroughly inside and out after every use. After cleaning, the pan should have an even color tone.

Hazy spots on hard-anodized surfaces mean that some residue remains on the cooking surface.


Oven cleaners or other caustic cleaning solutions, baking soda, automatic dishwasher detergent, liquid bleach, liquid household cleaners used for walls, floors, porcelain, etc.

Always allow your pan to cool before washing. Submerging a hot pan in water can cause irreparable warping.

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